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Of all the nations on this planet, there is perhaps none more diverse than the United States of America.  The States is home to a breath-taking collection of both natural and man-made wonders.  It has areas of staggering natural beauty, forests that covers thousands upon thousands of acres, deserts that stretch on to infinity and back, and a bustling collection of some of the world’s most energetic and exciting cities.

If asked, Most people would be able to reel off a handful of amazing US cities – Washington DC, San Francisco, Chicago and – of course – the biggest city in the world, the staggering metropolis that is New York City.  All these cities possess a magical range of cultural delights, and they are quite unlike anywhere else on Earth.

How about Las Vegas, the adult’s playground and the country’s (if not the world’s) gambling capital?  The quaint, UK-like charm of Boston?  The enchanting old-fashioned life of the south in New Orleans?  Or the latin-themed beach-based hedonism of Miami?  Wherever you go in America, you’re sure of gathering a head’s worth of amazing memories and unbeatable experiences.

The vast majority of cities in the US demand your tourism time.  If you fancy seeing what a few of the urban areas of this distinctive country have to offer, then here are the top ten sites you might like to visit first.


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1. TIME Travel – New York City –,31489,1843404,00.html

If you only ever plan on visiting one city in the USA, then it has to be New York City.  This site, hosted by one of the world’s most famous magazines, has all you need to make your trip to NYC as action-packed as possible.  It recommends the places that are the best to stay, a few side trips to unheralded places that you may not think of, plus detailed guides to all the places in NYC you just have to see, such as Times Square, the Statue of Liberty, Central Park and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.


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2. USA Today – Top 25 Cities by Trip Advisor –

If you’re planning a trip to the USA, but are a little overawed by the range of options available, then this article acts as an excellent starting point.  Inspired by Trip Advisor’s 2013 Traveler’s Choice Awards, this is a photo-montage of some of the best places to visit in the USA, as voted upon by travelers themselves.  No surprise that New York City tops the poll, followed by San Francisco, Chicago and Las Vegas.


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3. Enchanted Learning –

If your interest in the States and its cities is more educational than recreational, then this site should provide you with sufficient information.  All resources are free, but as the site is user-driven there is a request for an annual donation of $20, for which, in return, all the site’s ads are removed.  The site has interactive maps, dozens of articles and a handful of quizzes to test your newly-acquired US-based knowledge.

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4. 50states –

Although this site is primarily focused on the country’s states, all a user has to do is perform a couple of clicks and an extensive list of detailed city guides appears in their browser.  The guides will take you to, which is an enhanced version of the yellow pages, by which you will be able to select from a range of hotels and restaurants, as well as the latest news from each city.


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5. Las –

Famously, “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”.  Las Vegas is of course the number one playground in the world for those who have left their childhood far behind (chronologically at least), with its luxurious hotels, adults-only shows and clubs, and the dozens of casinos just waiting to suck the money from your wallet.  This site has everything you need to make sure your trip to Vegas is – unlike those idiots in “The Hangover” – unforgettable.


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6. Choose Chicago –

Chicago is one of the most northern US cities, perched on the edge of Lake Michigan, one of the Great Lakes.  Chicago boasts everything you need for a fantastic trip – tip-top hotels, fantastic dining, amazing attractions and energetic entertainment.  You can visit the Lincoln Park Zoo, take a boat trip across the lake, or just take in some retail therapy via Chicago’s hundreds of retail outlets and malls.  This site will tell you everything you need to know.


7. San Francisco Travel –

San Francisco (Spanish for “Saint Francis”) is the center of Northern California’s financial and cultural districts, and covers nearly fifty square miles on the San Francisco Peninsula, making it the second most densely-populated city in the United States, after New York City.  As a settlement, it saw a massive expansive with the 1849 Gold Rush, but was then three-quarter destroyed by the 1906 earthquake and subsequent fire.  This site will educate you on all matters SF, including all about the iconic Golden Gate Bridge.


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8. –

Washington DC (the DC is usually added to differentiate the city from the state of the same name) serves as the United States’ capital, as it has been doing since 1791 as a specially-constructed city created specifically to be a center of government, a role it took over from Philadelphia.  This site has details of nearly 200 things to do, and over one thousand restaurants to eat at.


9. USA City Link –

This site had been online since 1994, and claims to be the “internet’s most comprehensive listing of states and cities offering information on travel, tourism, and relocation.”  It has links to most of the major US cities, and contains details of hotels, restaurants, car rental, events and attractions.


10. City Break USA –

Based in Ireland, this site acts as portal for Platinum Travel, an agent who have been specializing in the booking of city breaks in the US for 30 years.  They have details of all the major US cities, and everything you need to know to make your travel experience goes smoothly and to your satisfaction.



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