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Interested in webmaster forums?

Here is the list of the top 10 webmaster forums so that you may easily ask and answer questions.


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1. Digital Point Webmaster Forum – http://www.digitalpointforum.com

This is arguably the best forum if you wish to talk about anything on the internet related to development. It even features threads like development with Google, Yahoo and Bing, development of content, link development, social network, copywriting, e commerce and payment processing. There are thousands of threads in each category and members from around the world give prompt replies to each question. The members come from over 115 countries which allow diversity in opinion as well.




2. Warrior Forum – http://www.warriorforum.com

This forum is based largely on internet marketing and any activity of this nature including advertising campaigns, Pay Per Click, Social Media Marketing; Mobile Marketing etc are covered extensively in this forum. Though the content of this forum is quite limited in terms of subjects, there is quite a lot of useful information over here, especially if you are in marketing.




3. Site Point Forum – http://www.sitepoint.com

This forum has a variety of topics, all centered on web development. If you are a website developer and have any queries to be answered on PHP, MySQL, HTML, .NET and Java, then this site becomes a must visit. There is nothing much for marketers here, but developers certainly have to chance to post their questions or go through several pre-existing threads and look for their answers.




4. Web Master World – http://www.websmasterworld.com

After the development phase is over, we move on to operations and management. This is the forum that works for the same. Members come from varied places and you find thousands of threads on almost each aspect of webmaster tools like special media, content development, domain names and browser. There are company specific forums as well, which help in better utilization of the information provided here.




5. SEO Chat Forum – http://www.forums.seochat.com

As the name suggests, the forum is all about Search Engine Optimization. You can easily get threads about keyword research, PPC campaigns, Affiliate Marketing, Link Building as well as social media integration of the SEO campaigns. Therefore, it makes for a complete SEO help resource and there is practically nothing that you will not find on this site.




6. Web Pro World – http://www.webproworld.com/

Another forum that is dedicated to SEO, Web Pro World is the ultimate SEO resource for beginners as well as advanced SEO professionals. The most important fact about this forum is that you always get straight and ‘to the point’ answers. The members are very experienced professionals and they mostly have an answer to each and every query you make. Prompt and really useful replies remain the strong foundation of this website and this is the reason why they get more than 20, 000 page views each day.




7. Web Hosting Talk – http://www.webhostingtalk.com

The forum is a little different from others as the focus is only on web hosting. You can also find some great threads on cloud hosting, domain names and hosting and VPS hosting etc. There are also many offers on this website related to webhosting. However, we find that there is not as many threads on the real hosting subject and the members try to talk about SEO, SEM and Social Media as well, but whatever you will find is valuable.




8. DaniWeb IT Discussion Forums – http://www.daniweb.com

DaniWeb is a discussion forum that has constantly garnered media attention to a huge number of members on the forum. You will find some tutorials, some great answers and a great content management system as well. Basically, if you are a developer who learns by looking and analyzing than reading, then DaniWeb is the place to go to. Ensure that you keep coming here, as the innovating is always on and they have even included a news and announcements section on the forum.




9. R10  Forum – http://www.r10.net

The reason why this forum is here on the list instead of being in Turkish is that it has a really wide variety of threads and the people who come here are real fans of the internet who like to keep sharing all around. Therefore, you may translate the page and even get a few offers on web hosting and development categories.




10. Search Engine Watch – http://searchenginewatch.com/

This is one forum that always manages to get the spotlight for its varied topics and thousands of threads. It is also based on search engine optimization, but if you have to learn more advanced tactics, then this is the right place to be. The threads are divided into various categories that include tech giants like Yahoo, Google and Microsoft as well as threads on search technologies, search engine advertising etc. Though the forum is more detailed, the answers are quite simple and easy to understand which means that even a bigger can work like a pro with the help of this forum.



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