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Website auction sites facilitate the buying and selling of currently registered websites since sellers can advertise websites they wish to sell and prospective buyers can purchase them. In a website auction site there are multiple listings of websites and bids can be placed for the site with the highest bidder winning. The more desirable the site, the bigger the price and often escrow agents are involved to ensure and facilitate swift and safe transactions. The price is based on the current monthly income of the website along with page views. The types of websites that can be auctioned are fully operational sites, partly developed sites, sites that are currently making money as well as those that have not yet traded. Sites are valued and appraised by the content within the website, the traffic to the site as well as the financial value and all these things must be taken into consideration before bidding and purchasing a website. If you are wishing to sell or purchase a website then below are ten of the best website auction sites with useful links attached. The sites also contain useful information and will be helpful especially as they are all together in one place.


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1. – has fully developed websites for sale in the directory where you can list your website and reach hundreds of buyers. Available sites are listed with the most recent first and the popular websites are highlighted. Tools for assistance include a website evaluation and valuation guide, validation calculator along with articles containing tips and advice. A search facility is given for looking up individual sites and an affiliate programme is offered with 40% commission being paid on every referral.




2. –

This company can provide you with the training, tools and services to sell your website with membership being available for a one off payment of $77. Selling a site is easy with a list of premium buyers ready to purchase and if you are looking to buy a website then there are many niches to choose from with monthly revenue and traffic displayed. There’s a blog on the site containing useful information in posts and articles and a special section for events gives a video demonstration for further in-sight.




3. Businesses For Sale –

This is a popular British company that advertises websites for sale in all countries which can be individually selected. There is a facility to filter and search with the most recent websites listed first. There are over 65,000 websites on offer from all sectors and each search can be saved. Emails alerts can be sent for information on available websites and a special section is dedicated to buying a franchise. Advice can be found for both brokers and sellers with RSS feeds updated regularly on the site.





4. – states that they are the number one marketplace for selling and buying websites and judging by the high rank on this could well be true. Websites can be selected by category, featured, most recent, ending soon and just sold with a tab for selecting price range. Selling your site is easy with listings starting from as little as $9 and a demonstration video is available to view and guide you through the process. There are guides for buyers and sellers with a safety centre and the company also have an affiliate scheme. More than 200,000 users have registered to and support and advice is offered at all times.




5. Flipping Enterprises –

Flipping Enterprises has been operating since 2010 and has been offering its brokerage service to a large network of serious investors. They work on commission only, so if you don’t sell your site they don’t get paid which certainly ensures that they will work hard to sell your site. If you are buying a website then there are many to choose from, but if you can’t find any sites of interest then inform them of your requirements as they are willing to assist you as best they can.




6. Digital  –

Digital Point is ranked high on proving it is a popular marketplace for buying and selling websites. Over 6,000 sites are available and can be selected by price range, highest bid or recently listed. You can view the Google Analytics, Google Adsense, domain age, revenue, links, visitors, page views and Alexa rankings for each site before making a bid and signing up to sell a website is simple. The company also trade domain names and information can be found for plug-ins, templates, graphic designs and scripts.




7. – is a popular forum for discussing, selling and buying websites and domain names. There is a section for selling websites with good information and tips to be found in the comments and threads. The forum has more than 114,000 posts with established websites for sale and another forum advertises turnkey websites for sale. All activity is updated regularly and signing in to comment and contribute is necessary.




8. – has been a trusted marketplace for website dealers since 2006. There are nearly 2,000 sites listed which can be viewed by category or by web-host with the most votes listed first. Sellers can list an available site for free, but signing in is required beforehand. Sections can also be found for creating websites and a further section advertises coupons. There are 21 different categories for finding and listing sites and help and advice is available at all times.




9. Website To Sell –

This site advertises that sellers can ask for a fix price or take a best offer and buyers have a list of available websites to choose from for the price of a flat fee. Advice and guidance is given to both sellers and buyers and help is available. The site verifies websites and telephone numbers for safety and sites can be selected by established, fixed price and turnkey with sign up being free.




10. –

You can advertise your website for sale on this site for just $39 for two-weeks. Buyers can browse and buy established sites or start up sites with the most recent editions highlighted. There is a special section for getting your website appraised and the company also sell domain names. You can sign up to receive a weekly email that gives all newly listed sites and any queries or questions are welcome during office hours.


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