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Whatever the size of your business, a website is a fantastic marketing tool. However, its usefulness is minimal if you have no idea who is visiting it and what they do there. Using a website traffic statistics service is the best way to get the information that will help you in keeping your website content relevant and assist you in making wise marketing and business decisions. The following 10 companies offer varying degrees of website traffic statistic services ranging from basic summary stats to high level analytics. Determining which will be best for your business will depend on a number of factors, including how much traffic your site receives and what types of analysis would be the most beneficial for your industry. The sites given are listed in order of their Alexa traffic count rating, which indicates popularity, but it is best to review each one and even give customer support a call if you need clarification about any of the services. Many of them have live demos so you get a feel for what they offer and most of them also have a free trial period ranging from 2 to 4 weeks.


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1. StatCounter:  

Global Alexa Rating: 183

StatCounter offers a very good free web analytics service that even offers more than some pay-only statistic services. Free accounts receive lifetime summary stats, free log quota of 500 per project, full range of stats pages and no credit card is required. Stats pages are supported by ads. If you find your site growing beyond 250,000 pageloads a month or require detailed analysis of more pageloads, you can upgrade at any time. The amounts to upgrade depend on the log size and monthly pageload limit needed ranging from just $5.00 a month for a 5,000 log size and 500,000 monthly page load limit to $119 for 1 million log size and 60 million monthly pageload limit. You can also downgrade back to free service at any time. Paid accounts also enjoy disabled ads, detailed daily email reports, unlimited use of mobile site and API Access. Users that pay per quarter or annually receive a discount. StatCounter is packed full of useful and powerful tools to help you make better decisions about your website. A full listing of all the features is listed on the website, including a full description, screenshots and a live demo of many of the features. You can even try the live demo before you sign up.


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2. Alexa:

Global Alexa Rating: 1,453

Alexa is more than just a tool for Internet surfers to see the traffic counts for websites or for those like this reviewer to use for putting sites in order of traffic count popularity. It offers a complete toolkit for website owners that give metrics, tools and analysis to increase web traffic and succeed online. They provide accurate traffic metrics, automated site scans, SEO recommendations and much more. Alexa Pro offers three levels of service – Basic, Insight and Advanced. Basic is offered for the first month free and then is just $9.99 per month. It is suitable for sites with up to 10 million page views per month. It includes certified site metrics, uptime monitor and site comparisons. Insight is $49 per month and is suitable for sites with up to 50 million page views per month. It has the same features as Basic but also includes Competitive Intelligence and monthly SEO audits. Advanced is $149 per month and is suitable for sites up to 150 million page views per month. In addition to the Insight features it includes biweekly SEO audits, biweekly site audits and deeper SEM insights. They also offer a product called AlexaSite Audit which is a do-it-yourself SEO tool for website owners which can be purchased for a one-time fee of $199 and provides a single report.


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3. ShinyStat:   

Global Alexa Rating: 10,992

ShinyStat offers four different products – Free, Pro, Business and ISP. It is a browser-based web analytics platform that is able to process and display data in real time making it the ideal partner for companies that need to rapidly analyze the results of their digital marketing investment. The free service is intended for personal and nonprofit use only and can track up to 1000 page views per day. The tracker is very easy to install, highly reliable and satisfies the needs of most nonprofessional users. The website includes an online demo. Pro can be purchased based on the number of monthly page views, with each having an annual fee. Users can upgrade their subscription to a higher version or higher number of page views at any time by paying the price difference of the annual costs between the two services as well as the cost of the services already utilized. There is a 30-day free trial available. The Business version is their all-in-one tool offering a complete tracking system to measure web traffic and be able to assess site performance and ROI. The ISP version is exclusively reserved for Internet Operators. All prices are listed on the website in Euros (]) as this is an Italian company.


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4. Web-Stat Live:   

Global Alexa Rating: 13,228

Web-Stat is an interesting service in that you can watch visitors on your website live. You observe your visitors in real time as they interact with your site. It records all your visitors, whether they use JavaScript or not. It can be installed on any website, blog or profile and you do not need to know or understand HTML. It is easy to use and easy to understand. You can view your data, print it, email it or download it. It also includes a service that alerts you via email and SMS if they detect that your site has gone down, thus enabling more immediate action to be taken. With Geo-customization, they detect the geographical origin of your visitors and give you the tools to customize your content accordingly. Web-Stat allows you to track the path visitors follow inside your website, including the tracking of events such as downloads or clicks to outside locations. They currently monitor over 10,000 websites and have been a continuous operation since 1997. You can try out the service for free for 15 days and the free trial is equivalent to a premium account. After that, you decide whether you want a basic account, plus account or premium account. They can also arrange for high-traffic accounts. The basic account is $5.00 per month and will tell you everything you need to know about your incoming traffic and keeps 100 lines of individual visitors data available. The plus account is $7.50 per month and also includes notification if your site goes down as well as measuring the time it takes to establish a connection to your server and keep a record of that information. It includes 500 clients of individual visitors’ data available. A premium account is $9.50 per month and adds the ability to measure visitor behavior inside your site giving you detailed page view information. A premium account keeps 1000 lines of individual visitors’ data available. A premium account will also give you a connection counter, the ability to monitor file downloads event tracking and to customize your content according to visitors’ geographical location with Geo-customizing. The website includes a nice demo.


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5. Webtrends:

Global Alexa Rating: 15,885


Webtrends offers a portfolio of digital solutions that help brands understand consumer behaviors and enable them to act on those insights in the very moment they need to act. Utilizing advanced big data analytics, their solutions provide a consistent customer experience across all digital channels on any device customer uses, helping brands remain connected and relevant to their customers, increase productivity and maximize yields on investments. They have 2,000 customers in 60 countries and employ 400 employees worldwide. They have offices in Portland, Oregon (headquarters), Seattle, London, Sweden and Australia. They offer a full line of solutions including digital measurement, conversion optimization, campaign optimization, collaboration optimization, implementation services, training courses and much more. This means not only do they provide website measurement services, but they go far beyond. This is a more complex service for those that need this higher level of service.


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6. Opentracker:

Global Alexa Rating: 43,925

Opentracker is a competitively priced solution for website and mobile app analytics, website lead gathering and other big-data traffic reporting. They have a number of popular features including the ability to search through all your website traffic data, identify visitors, the ability to request info, get data back and process it as you desire. There is also the ability to track events and any other property you like, the ability to identify visitors by company, University or governmental body and ability to track unique visitors so that you can see who your visitors are and how they use your site. They offer a free, no-risk four-week trial. They have 10 years experience in web tracking, data analytics and statistics innovation. They offer four products – web analytics, mobile app analytics, website lead capture and big data-as-a-service. Web analytics has three plans ranging from $19.95 per month for the business plan to $129.95 for the enterprise plan. Every plan has unlimited tracking of users and allows for two months free when you sign up for an annual plan. There are also different plans offered with the other products. All products are shown on the website in full detail of what features are included and the prices.


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7. Lyris HQ:

Global Alexa Rating: 53,681

Lyris HQ is an advanced Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) digital marketing platform that maximizes the effectiveness of complex digital marketing campaigns. Users can compose messages, create segments, manage landing pages and gain insight from real-time marketing analytics. It also integrates external social, mobile and web behaviors to connect you to your customers across digital channels. It is built on their highly scalable and flexible cloud architecture that delivers a high degree of effective email marketing with excellence in performance, reliability and uptime. They also offer a power edition for professional online marketers who manage complex digital campaigns. There is a link on the site for requesting a product demo. Users must call their toll-free number for product pricing. They also offer a number of services including customer success management, strategic consulting services, deliverability services, campaign & creative services, technical services, implementation services and training.


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8. VisiStat:

Global Alexa Rating: 59,425

VisiStat recognizes that only 3% of website visitors take the time to fill out a form, thereby websites that do not capture this information using their LeadCaster service lose out on all the sales opportunities for the other 97%. LeadCaster identifies all of your anonymous website visitors and provides all the information you need to turn visitors into leads in real time. VisiStat also offers AdCaM, which is a real-time comprehensive solution for tracking your online marketing campaigns and conversions. Their Web Analytics platform provides key information and real-time insights for monitoring your traffic, visitor behavior and effectiveness SEO. The various services are put together into specific packages that start at just $49 per month. The pricing tab on the website clearly shows the packages and which features can be included as an add-on. Users complete a form to submit for a quote. There is also a free trial that runs for 14 days or 100,000 page views, whichever comes first. The site also includes a live demo.


traffic 9


9. OneStat:

Global Alexa Rating: 61,697

OneStat has 75,000 subscribers in 100 countries and classify themselves as having the most detailed reports for the lowest price. They offer enterprise Web analytics, professional web analytics, and website & server monitoring. They are headquartered in Amsterdam as a privately held company that was founded in 2002. Select the services tab on the website to see all six of their products with a clear graphic showing what is included. They offer Pro, Premium, AdWorks, eBusiness, Platinum and Enterprise. Each has a demo option as well as a free 4-week trial. Their services start at $125 per year. There is also a link to their website on that page. Customer support is included for free with all plans. They are an active member of the Web Analytics Association to help improve the quality of web analytics solutions.


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10. 3D Stats:

Global Alexa Rating: 171,096

When the 3DStats HTML code is implemented on your webpages, each time a visitor accesses your site they collect information that will be used to provide you extremely detailed statistics in real time. The code is very simple to add to your existing webpage as it is just a matter of cutting and pasting the code they will provide. They also offer an implementation software tool that can be performed automatically quickly on larger websites. They will even install the code on your website for you for an additional fee. Pricing for the system option plans depends on the page views per month on your website and begin at just $9.95 a month for up to 20,000. Yearly subscriptions are also offered beginning at $119/year for up to 20,000 page views per month. For those with multiple websites, there is a one-time setup fee for each new account and then the monthly or annual fee is based on the total page views delivered by all websites. The website includes a live demo.

With each of these companies it becomes more costly the more traffic your website receives, but consider that if your numbers increase, likely so did your sales – and this is the perfect sign that the service is helping you increase profits! There is simply too much information to be had by observing visitors to your website and capturing their information to let this all be lost and thus unusable.



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