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Ranking windows support websites based on traffic volume might not be entirely useful because many sites are specific to a particular windows operating system and thus useful to only those with that system. However, for the purposes of this list it is still helpful to see which of the windows systems are still popular. Other sites given cover all the windows operating systems and therefore are useful to everyone.

When it comes to getting an answer to a windows support question, it can often mean going to multiple sources to find others that have dealt with your particular issue. The preference then becomes the ease at which to use the various websites and how helpful users are in the forums. Forums that show little activity and few posts are not going to be helpful as quickly. In this regard, the traffic volume rating is clearly helpful. The bottom line is that even if a site has millions of answers, if it doesn’t answer the one you have and your query remains unanswered it is not useful. Familiarizing oneself with all of the windows support forums below should enable a computer user to find the answers they seek.


windows support 1


1. Microsoft:

Global Alexa Rating: 34

Nothing beats going to the source and that is what makes Microsoft’s Windows Support site the most commonly approached. Their website is easy to navigate with top solutions on the main page and the ability to browse by category or product as well. The downside of the Microsoft site is that it only supports the newer windows versions. At the moment they support XP, Vista, RT, 7 and 8 but have announced they will be dropping XP in April of 2014. There will not be any updates after that time.


windows support 2


2. CNET:

Global Alexa Rating: 109

The most popular forum website globally for a host of electronics issues, it is the go-to place for windows operating system forums. Forums remain long after an operating system is no longer supported by Microsoft, hence you can even find threads on the old Windows 95/98 and Me there. Even as new as Windows 8 is there are already over 450 threads about it. The site is easy to use. The benefit of forums is that you get advice from a community of experts which can also include tips and tricks that Microsoft doesn’t discuss.


windows support 3


3. Windows Seven Forums:

Global Alexa Rating: 3,788

Although this forum is dedicated only to Windows 7, it goes beyond forum threads. It also includes a complete tutorial on this operating system in an easy to understand format. This is a great feature for when you aren’t having an issue but need to know how to do something like set up user accounts, backup & restore or setting parental controls.  With a long list of tutorials available, you can be a pro at your Windows 7 computer in no time.


windows support 4


4. PC Advisor:   

Global Alexa Rating: 5,402

PC Advisor has long been trusted as the place to go with any computer question. With over 300,000 registered members, nearly 400,000 forum discussions and 2.5+ million forum posts, there is a mountain of information from the technical to general advice.  This means you can get even the most complicated issues resolved. Use the search tool to easily locate if your question has already been answered. If it has not, then it is acceptable to start a query.


windows support 5


5. # Windows Help:

Global Alexa Rating: 6,375

This site has a large number of threads in the windows help forum – nearly 300 pages, but the easy ‘search this forum’ feature makes it simple to find the topic you need. You can search by keyword or go to the advanced search option to search for a particular user name or find threads with the most replies for example. The site is a pretty straight forward forum site making it easy to navigate.


windows support 6


6. Tech Support Guy:

Global Alexa Rating: 11,069

A well organized forum in which categories and sub-categories make it easy to get right where you need to be for your issue. Main categories include security & malware removal, software & hardware, operating systems, Internet & networking, general technology and community. For windows support questions, the various versions are sub-categorized under operating systems with the main ones each enjoying their own category and older versions put together into one category. This type of organization gives this site a nice uncluttered look.  A nice feature is a side bar that has hot topics and recent posts. The search field is also located there.


windows support 7


7. The Windows Club:

Global Alexa Rating: 15,942

Besides being another well organized forum, this site also has a news feature called TWCN Tech News that follows Microsoft news as well as Google, Apple, Yahoo, and a host of other relevant news stories. This is a nice feature for the computer user that wants to stay on top of new products coming out and released information about features and other tools. Another nice feature is their “What’s Going On?” section that tells you statistics about the forum including how many users are currently online. This can be useful when you want to time your thread inquiry to when the most number of people are available that could answer.


windows support 8


8. Windows Eight Forums:

Global Alexa Rating: 20,692

This site is the same as Windows Seven Forums listed above except it is specific to the Windows 8 operating system. It has less traffic primarily because the product is much newer and thus has fewer people using it. It also includes an extensive tutorial section which can be extremely helpful to someone that has used an earlier version for years and is now trying to learn Windows 8 which is so much different from previous versions.


windows support 9


9. PC Help Forum:

Global Alexa Rating: 42,938

There are some very nice features on this forum website including the ability to see which staff members are currently online as well as main members. Support extends past just operating systems as there are other categories such as hardware, software and security also. A community feature enables discussion among members on non-computer related topics. You’ll find a funny pics thread and a jokes thread for example making this website a nice place to hang out even when you aren’t having any computer issues.


windows support 10



Global Alexa Rating: 94,956

A simple and basic forum website that doesn’t have quite the following of other sites. It is included in this list because it never hurts to have more places to go to find an answer.  A nice feature that is unique is that as the questions get answered a bright green [Resolved] indicator is placed in front. This is a nice time saving feature as it keeps you from viewing those posts that may be your question but don’t have an answer yet. The site also includes a box that has latest news headlines about things that are going on in the world of computers. The admins of the forum do a great job with this feature.

With these ten windows support forums it should be an easy task to learn something new about your computer’s operating system, make some friends or solve a problem you are having. As new systems come out it takes time to fully understand the features and settings. The forums can also be helpful when considering a new computer or knowing when it is time to do so.


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