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It would seem odd that in a world filled with billions of people that at times we can feel terribly alone and it is human nature to feel that our problems our unique. However, rather than stew in the negative pot of solitude people now have the ability to reach out and find others that deal everyday with the same types of issues, concerns and questions. With thousands of networking websites on the Internet not only can we connect with other people we can find those that have the same types of issues by locating specific networks. Women can often benefit from finding networks that are specific to issues that women go through – becoming a mother, parenting, being a working mom, keeping up with women’s fashion, dating and much more. A great way to traverse the sometimes choppy waters of womanhood is to talk with other women. The following ten websites are meeting places designed especially for women to meet other women. They are ranked according to Alexa global traffic counts.


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1. Cafemom: http://www.cafemom.com/

Global Alexa Rating: 962

Cafemom is specifically designed for women that are mothers and want to meet other moms that either the same age or have children the same age. It is a place to share personal stories, offer and receive support and even post confessions (anonymously even!) regarding anything to do with motherhood. The website is organized into three sections: Conversation, Advice and Entertainment. There are plenty of specialized groups so that moms can get right to an area of interest whether that is single moms, military moms, stepmoms, pregnancy or more. There are also lifestyle and interest talk groups such as the craft café, depression support center and weight loss & fitness group. It is very easy to navigate with search capabilities. It is free to join the network and with a getting started guide and a group for newcomers it is easy to get started.




2. iVillage: http://www.ivillage.com/

Global Alexa Rating: 4,915

It is said that it takes a village to raise a child and it is also true that a village – especially iVillage – is the optimal place to connect and share. With iVillage women hold conversations with other women about pregnancy & parenting, health, environment, beauty & style, love & sex, home & garden and food – and those are just the lead categories! Women can split their time between joining conversations and reading the hundreds of blogs written on every conceivable topic. Users can also sign up for newsletters to be emailed to them. It is easy to create an iVillage account or use an existing social network such as Facebook, Yahoo! or Twitter to sign in. There is plenty of information on this website with new content regularly making it a popular website for women of all ages.




3. ParentsConnect: http://www.parentsconnect.com/   

Global Alexa Rating: 9,904

Even though it is mostly the moms out there that look for this type of networking site, the website was developed keeping both parents in mind. With advice on everything from potty training to college prep it can be a great resource for dads as much as moms. The website is organized into pregnancy, parenting, for parents, community, gift guide, seasonal, local, videos and polls & contests. In the parenting section users choose topics based on the age of the child from baby to teen. The community section is where the message boards are located which is where users can jump into a conversation in the forums. It is easy to navigate and there are plenty of links at the bottom of the homepage for other Nickelodeon websites.




4. Spoonful: http://spoonful.com/  

Global Alexa Rating: 12,191

Although not technically a networking website since it lacks a conversation feature, this website courtesy of Disney is a popular resource for women looking to add some creativity and fun to their family’s day. There is a blog section that is full of advice on activities, recipes and craft projects. The cook section has thousands of recipes that are quick and healthy. The create section provides craft ideas for everything from home decoration to keeping children entertained. The play section is packed with ideas for family vacations, after school activities, learning games and activities, indoor and outdoor games and more. The last area is the celebrate section which has lots of ideas for parties and seasonal activities. Users can also subscribe to the daily spoonful newsletter.




5. Work It Mom!: http://www.workitmom.com/

Global Alexa Rating: 147,990

This networking website is devoted to moms that juggle family and career but even those women that have only one task or the other can find plenty on this website that will make life a bit easier. One of the most unique parts of this website is the de-stress section in which one can read other mom’s sanity savers and advice on how to make time for yourself. Another nice feature is that members can do more than just read the blogs – they can write some too! The main headings for the website are blogs, explore, connect, save time, shop, de-stress and contribute. Membership is free and you can also sign up for their newsletter. The community part of the website allows users to join group discussions, ask & answer questions, read mom interviews and meet members. A member search tool lets you look for people in your area making it possible to make friends that might be right in your back yard. You can also search by industry, name and interests.




6. Shes Connected: http://www.shesconnected.com/

Global Alexa Rating: 179,547

This women’s social network is loaded with links to informative blog sites including busy mom blog, juggling mama, she wines, business mom daily, small bizz women, coo coo for cooking, travel blog for women and more. A very good aspect of this website is how the groups section works. Groups are categorized by personal and professional. They can be searched by keyword, location type or category. Add to that the ability to add your own group and you have everything you need to connect with other women with the interests and issues you face. When a user wants to become a member they can do so as an individual with a personal page or a businesswoman with a professional page. Membership is free. This website is also a place to add a blog if you have one or get started writing a blog. A great website for connecting with other women for personal or professional purposes making this not just a network but a way to use networking to boost business. Use the site to locate local and national events, find bloggers, find businesses and more.




7. BraveHeart Women: http://www.braveheartwomen.com/

Global Alexa Rating: 209,588

A global network of women in a community that states its purpose to inspire women to be more, create more and collaborate more. Right from the homepage you can see this website does things a little differently. Instead of the typical categories there are six unique areas in which to select: Acquiring tools to help you blossom – Growing and evolving – Becoming inspired and inspiring others – Creating financial prosperity – Embracing your purpose – Collaborating with leaders and other visionary women. This website is not just about providing support for one another but for helping them attain things they never dreamed possible by building confidence and developing passions. Get empowered with BraveHeart through forums and communities.




8. Girlfriend Social: http://www.girlfriendsocial.com/

Global Alexa Rating: 288,295

It can be easy to meet people – just go to any social gathering and you can do that. But to find friends that you can make a real connection with because you share the same interests and beliefs can be a bit more challenging. Users start by signing up which is free and then set up a profile about interests. Once that is completed you can search for ladies in your area that have similar interests. Operating much like a dating website only instead of a love interest you can find a few friends instead. Privacy is good with this website in that only members can see member profiles. Start with the included messaging service to get to know other ladies and then decide if you want to meet in person. Use common sense to keep yourself out of trouble since you never really know who is on the other side of an online communication until you meet them face to face – a public place is often a good idea for a first meetup.




9. Social Jane: https://www.socialjane.com/

Global Alexa Rating: 1,745,282

Social Jane is also a friendship finding website but it doesn’t have the privacy consideration of Girlfriend Social – anyone can look at member profiles even without having signed up. The downside of this is that your posting is visible to everyone (so don’t put anything on your profile you don’t want the world to see) but the upside is that you can see if there are ladies in your area before you become a member thus saving you the hassle if your area doesn’t have any members. Another reason why the website ranks after Girlfriend Social is that it is fee-based instead of free. It is just a one-time fee of only $14.95 so that isn’t a huge investment and may be well worth it if there are a number of members in your area. One more reason why being able to see them before joining is beneficial.




10. Womensville: http://www.womensville.com/

Global Alexa Rating: 8,384,608

Last on the list is a website more about articles and blogs than connection to other women but since the topics all relate to women it can be a great resource. Blog questions can be submitted but there isn’t the community feel as there is with other women’s networking websites. An interesting portion of the website is where specific topics and questions are addressed with readers being able to comment with their answer or response. The articles are very useful with topics really relevant such as how to heal a broken friendship and ways to strengthen a relationship. There are also links to Womensville Blog Talk Radio broadcasts.

Since there is no law that says a woman can’t use more than one website in order to connect with other women there is nothing wrong with being active on more than one website – especially since they each have a different type of format and purpose. Some are great for finding nearby friends and others for having discussions with women around the globe. It can only enrich your life to increase your social contacts and to do that with people that you can really connect with is the perfect goal while visiting these websites.



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