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WordPress plug-ins can extend WordPress to do almost anything you can imagine and there are more than 22,000 plug-ins are available. Each plug-in has custom features and functions enabling users to tailor their site to their specific needs ranging from SEO enhancers, content-displaying features and navigation bars. Some plug-ins can be uploaded, activated and interacted through administration panels whilst others are installed and interacted through WordPress administration panels, but also through editing the theme template files. The plug-ins are composed of PHP scripts and compatibility and updates are available on the WordPress site along with an extensive list of available plug-ins. Installation is a simple process on the dashboard and there is also a troubleshooting section which occasionally might be needed in case of a confliction. Hints and tips about plug-ins can also be found on the site as well as uninstalling should the need arise. With the popularity of WordPress and the plug-ins the Internet has seen an increase of sites offering plug-ins, but searching for a site to obtain plug-ins is over as ten of the best and most popular are directly below.


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1. WordPress – http://www.wordpress.org/plugins/

WordPress.org is undoubtedly the most popular site for finding WordPress plug-ins, with more than 25,000 plug-ins offered and 47 million already downloaded to date. The most popular plug-ins are highlighted along with featured ones and the facility to download is given with each one. The directory gives the option to search, download, rate and comment on all the best plug-ins and previous comments give further advice and tips in the community section.




2. WordPress Hacks – http://wphacks.com/wordpress-plugins/

WordPress Hacks is a site dedicated to all things WordPress with themes, code, SEO and plug-ins being available. Premium plug-ins are offered with the most popular being advertised and a list of features and functions is given along with advice and tips for installation on each one. A section on the site contains articles which give valuable insight into plug-ins and subscription to the site is recommended in order to receive news and updates.




3. WP Mudev – http://premium.wpmudev.org/project/wordpress-directory/

This site has a download directory offering more than 350 premium plug-ins and themes. A search facility is given along with video demonstrations for many of the plug-ins. The features and benefits are listed for each one and the site has packages available to purchase giving access to multiple plug-ins with full support and a community forum for finding tips, hints and advice in the comments and threads.




4. Siteground – http://www.siteground.com/wordpress_plugins.htm

Siteground have an online community offering packages for domain hosting, but the emphasis on WordPress. There is a long list of recommended plug-ins with useful links added to download, a short description of what they do and instructions on how to install them. Sections can be found on the site for themes, tutorials and hosting and a complete section is dedicated WordPress giving details about the company.




5. Lorelle – http://lorelle.wordpress.com/2007/02/01/where-to-find-wordpress-plugins/

Lorelle is dedicated to all things WordPress and has articles containing tips, hints and advice on blogging, tips, news and WordPress plug-ins to name a few. The blog has further information in threads and comments and a page is dedicated to plug-in resources along with a list of plug-ins. Information can be found for installing, using and uninstalling and a useful link is provided leading to WordPress plug-ins.




6. JoshKotsay.com – http://joshkotsay.com/wordpress/best-wordpress-plugins

Josh Kotsay has a very useful site for all things WordPress. He has been an affiliate marketer for over five years and shares his experiences, hints, tips and advice on this site. His reviews are honest, so you can find the best products and sites to suit your needs and there’s a complete page dedicated to plug-ins on the site. He reviews each one and gives their functions and features with links to download them. You can choose from a long list of plug-ins and there’s more information in the threads and comments in the blog.




7. 1st Web Designer – http://www.1stwebdesigner.com/wordpress/wordpress-plugins-2012/

1st Web Designer gives an extensive round up of the best WordPress plug-ins. Plug-ins are listed by categories such as optimisation, forms, Ajax contact forms, comments, site backups, posts, design and theme, media, commerce and many more. A description is given of each plug-in with links provided and hints and tips can be found in the comments and threads in blog. Subscribers to the site receive WordPress plug-in information and updates on a regular basis and full contact details are displayed on the site.




8. Yoast.com – http://yoast.com/wordpress/

Yoast are a rapidly expanding company which builds plug-ins for WordPress in order to optimise websites. A detailed description can be found on the SEO WordPress plug-in with news and training videos available from $29. Other plug-ins include Google Analytics, comments, functionality plug-ins and deprecated plug-ins. More information on WordPress essentials is available and subscription to the site is encouraged.




9. WP Plug-in Guide – http://wordpresspluginguide.com/

The site does exactly as its name suggests and provides a guide for WordPress plug-ins. There are articles, posts and comments to read containing information about plug-ins and a list of premium plug-ins can be found in the online shop with details and prices given for each one. There are some free plug-ins available too and tips and hints are also provided for these. There is a section for reading reviews and signing up to receive the newsletter is encouraged.




10. WP Theme Labs – http://www.wpthemeslabs.com/best-wordpress-plugins

WordPress Theme Labs has a selection of some of the best WordPress plug-ins available. Each plug-in has a detailed description with useful links leading to further information. The site tends to focus more on themes, but good information can be found regarding plug-ins. Some of the recommended plug-ins include Facebook page themes, Facebook like to download, snow effects, Pro advertising system, social share, SEO, Pay with Tweets and Security Ninja. A search facility is offered and contact details are provided on the site


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