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Wonderful world of wordpress….

WordPress is the world’s leading open source blogging tool and content management system and is available for free. It is currently the most popular blogging system on the Internet today powering over 60 million websites globally. There are many themes, plug-ins, widgets and other features available including multi-user, multi-blogging and a mobile application. There have been several different versions since its birth in 2003, the most current version being 3.6 which has already been downloaded over 18 million times in the first two months of being available. The company has won awards for its services to the Internet and continues to focus and expand on the WordPress community as well as improve the software. WordPress can be installed easily, but many questions often arise for users regarding hosting, managing, registering and setting-up as well as installation with the many plug-ins and features. This need has led to a number of Internet sites opening on the web to assist users with questions and queries. Below is a list of ten of the best tutorial sites available for WordPress today that will be very useful since they all give significant in-sight and information about the wonderful product of WordPress.

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1. Siteground – http://www.siteground.com/tutorials/wordpress/

Siteground is a very popular website for WordPress tutorials and ranks at 2,977 in the world on Alexa.com. Tutorials for beginners can be found with explanations on installation as well as themes and hosting. Other tutorials include website creation, transferring WordPress, plug-ins, advanced topics and security and administration. Video tutorials can be viewed and there are sections on back-up and updating and a full detailed article is given for starting a WordPress site.


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2. Codex – http://codex.wordpress.org/WordPress_Lessons

This site gives very good information for learning WordPress. There are various sections such as website development, theme development and designing your WordPress site and all of the sections have many topics and lessons to select. There is a section for beginners giving information such as blogging, images, text wrapping, commenting, posting, linking, using feed and password protection as well as writing code into your posts. Resources are given and there is a forum for support with a further section for getting involved.

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3. Learn WordPress – http://learn.wordpress.com/

This site certainly helps you get the most from WordPress with sections for getting started, configuration, publishing and connection as well as a checklist. There is a useful link leading to any topics that cannot be found on the site and a section for building the site from start to finish with home page, glossaries and navigation descriptions and full support is available at all times.


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4. Tutsplus.com – http://wp.tutsplus.com/

Tutsplus.com is dedicated to WordPress with articles and hints for using widgets, plug-ins, themes and blogging. There are many tutorials to view including coding, hosting, security, scaling and caching and cheat sheets, reader’s polls, lectures, news, reviews and even competitions are listed to assist. There are sections for tips and sessions as well as videos to view and a manual is provided for beginners. You can sign-up to the site to be kept informed of new updates in the newsletter and if you have something to add then you can apply to write for the site.


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5. WordPress.TV – http://wordpress.tv/category/how-to/

This site has help and tutorials for beginners and experts alike with articles to read and videos to view. Information can be found on using the image galleries, the media library, linking and posting as well as plug-ins, themes, development and settings and a section is dedicated to SEO. There are further tabs for installation, widgets, design and blogging and there are presentations to view in WordCampTV.


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6. Six Revisions – http://sixrevisions.com/wordpress/30-excellent-wordpress-video-tutorials/

Six Revisions offers 30 WordPress video tutorials in a step-by-step format that allows you to learn as you view the screens. There are several topics such as theme development, customisation, site administration and tools as well as a section for beginners. You can find out how to design showcases and even learn some coding with AJAX, Javascript and CSS included. There are free icon sets available and ‘super buttons’ to download and even free templates to browse and use.

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7. WordPress.com – http://en.wordpress.com/tag/wordpress-tutorials/

This is the official site of WordPress.com and contains good information and tutorials about how to operate WordPress as one might expect. Some of the topics covered are blog posts, adding a poll to blogs, password protection, shopping cart application, spell checker, photographs and coding as well as tips and tricks with many other titles. There are sections for themes and features as well as the latest news and full support can be found on the site at all times.


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8. Themelab.com – http://www.themelab.com/wordpress-tutorials/

This site shows you how to install the latest version of WordPress as well as recommending many WordPress products. Tutorials can be found for themes, widgets, plug-ins, search engines, domains, backing up, tagging, site maps and management of feeds to name a few and there are online guides to view as well. There is a section for beginners and a tab for bloggers and if you are not sure then you are welcome to ask questions.


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9. WP Hub – http://www.wphub.com/tutorials/

This site shows you how to create a custom WordPress home page with tutorials. There are also tutorials on plug-ins, themes, coding, image scaling and installation to name a few. A special section can be found for hosting and there is an in-depth section regarding themes with the latest and most popular highlighted along with a list of those that are free to download. There is a blog with threads, hints and tips and any comments or contributions are welcome.


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10. Instant Shift – http://www.instantshift.com/2012/09/27/wordpress-tutorials-for-beginners/

This site has 25 tutorials for beginners to WordPress with step-by-step easy-to-follow instructions. Explanations contain information on installing, designing, hosting and blogging along with video guides and suggested books to read. You can read about coding, uploading photographs and showcasing with a special section dedicated to free downloads. There are tools that can be used along with many articles to read and tips and hints can be found within the community.



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