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Use YouTube to workout!

Keeping fit is vital for us to maintain a healthy body, especially as we get older. Keeping your body supple and healthy can assist with longevity and also help prevent illness such as arthritis as well as maintain a healthy weight. A balanced diet and fitness routine helps keep you young in mind and spirit and also is good for maintaining a younger looking skin with stretching exercises, yoga and Pilates that are now readily available. Gyms and workout clubs have become busy in recent years with more and more people paying attention to advertising campaigns and wanting to start exercising for health or increase their energy levels with training sessions. Memberships to gyms can sometimes be a large strain on finances with many having to budget in the current world crisis, especially with new price increases at the start of the year and with the invention of YouTube there are now hundreds of different exercise routines that are available for free to watch and download. Whether you are a beginner, an intermediate or an advanced exercise enthusiast, you are certain to find something to suit your needs in the ten videos listed below. If you are thinking and wanting to get yourself fitter for a new way of life then enjoy the videos since they all contain secrets to keeping you fit and healthy and they are all free.


1. BeFit –

BeFit has high-quality workouts to keep you looking and feeling your best. You can re-shape your body, burn fat and sculpt lean muscles as you workout with their top fitness trainers. There are Abs workouts, bikini exercises, cardio fat-burns, Pilates and yoga with many more to choose from so you can select a video to suit your needs. Suggested videos are recommended and there are even sections for dance and weights.


2. Blogilates –

This video is by Cassey Ho a top Pilates and fitness instructor. There are videos to join in and also a line of fitness clothing so you are comfortable when working out.  Workouts include overall body, challenges for Abs and thighs, legs and thighs and also intense Abs workouts as well as a section for beginners. There are videos for losing weight and you can find hints, tips and guides for healthy eating. The workouts are free to view on YouTube, but you can also purchase DVDs as well as an app for your phone.


3. SparkPeople Videos –

SparkPeople Videos contains some must-see videos for mums-to-be with workouts for pregnancy and post-pregnancy to get your figure back in shape. There is a section for healthy home-cooked recipes with step-by-step guides and core workouts for Abs and overall body. The boot-camp will trim your tummy and give you more balance as well as a toned body and you can also keep fit with Kickboxing and Pilates as well as the ten minute jump start cardio workout.



4. Yogasync.TV –

Yogasync TV has poses and stretches for beginners in Yoga and for seniors. You can watch and learn about the scientific results and benefits of yoga as well as see how yoga helps the chakras and breathing. There are postures and classes for participation and you can read about yoga as an art form. There is also a video for children’s yoga and after only one week of the 7-week course you should start to feel and notice a difference.



5. Genghisgirl –

Genghisgirl has videos to view on the truth about your body as well as workouts to lose weight and burn fat. There is a special section for exercising during pregnancy along with videos for losing weight and toning with yoga and meditation. There are recipes for healthy eating including vegan food and tips are given for detoxing your body and slimming. Abs videos demonstrate how to tone with only seven minutes exercise per day and you can subscribe to receive updates and the latest videos.



6. DietHealth –

DietHealth has exercise videos aimed at saving time whilst concentrating on your core body and your legs. There are different exercises to view from around the world that will show you how to trim, tighten and tone as well as workout your Abs. A section for Pilates has intense workouts and you can view videos with equipment such as balls and planks. There are various videos from instructors giving different hints and advice and you can also view films from TV stars that have lessons and tips to share.



7. Sarah Fit –

Sarah Fit has a passion for healthy eating and exercising and has published several videos, which you can view on YouTube. There are exercises to get rid of ‘love handles’ and lose excess body fat as well as getting ‘skinny’ looking legs. There is a special section dedicated to toning your tummy and your buttocks and videos for men to lose beer bellies can also be found.  There are tips and hints for everyday living and food shopping with super fit recipes and you too can have a figure like Sarah with only 30 minutes workout per day.



8. Tone It Up! –

Tone it Up has videos to transform your body shape with tips for achieving a bikini style body along with yoga and stretching. If you have a special occasion and you need to look slim there is a section dedicated to ‘bridal’ bodies and you can wave ‘bye-bye’ to flabby arms in the tone it section for limbs. There are exercises with weights and a series of videos on calorie blasting as well as fruit and vegetable recipes.



9. –

SteadyHealth has a special workout available, which is six exercises for six minutes to achieve good firm buttocks. There are Abs workouts for beginners and intermediates and rehabilitation exercises for people who suffer with spinal injuries. A section can be found on exercising for assisting with labour as well as ‘six-pack’ workouts for men and stretching exercises with balls and steppers.



10. ScottHermanFitness –

ScottHermanFitness is aimed at men who want to keep in shape, build muscle and tone with willpower and determination. There are squats and power workouts to achieve maximum growth to triceps and six-pack stomachs. There is a section for expanding your chest along with exercises for the gym or at home and workouts for strengthening your back can also be found.


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