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Enter the WoW world…

If you haven’t yet experienced WoW – short for Worlds of Warcraft – then it is time you did. Beginners and experts alike will fall in love with at least one of the following ten WoW private servers. It can be a great way to test out the game before purchasing it but also a fantastic way to join a community and take advantage of various special events that are so much a part of private servers. There are literally hundreds of WoW private servers but these ten rank high for traffic counts as evidenced by their Alexa ratings as shown.


WoW 1


1. Molten-WoW:  

Global Alexa Rating: 20,713

Hands down the most popular WoW private server out there in part because of their unmatched development, infrastructure and active community. They have thousands of active players in-game and on forum at any time of the day. They offer greater security with a dedicated DDoS mitigation system. They have three Wrath of the Lich King realms – Lordaeron, Deathwing and Ragnaros and four Catacylsm Realms – Frostwolf, Neltharion, Sargeras and Warsong. Each realm has its unique benefits.


WoW 2


2. Heroes-WoW:

Global Alexa Rating: 22,285

This server has a few nice features worth mentioning including a bug tracker, unique teleporter, items store and changelogs. They offer monthly rewards to top voters. The main page before entering includes the latest news, screenshots, a video and a list of the top voters for the month. They also offer a wallpaper by going to the Media section. Some features about this server: a 255 level cap, hunting zone, treasure box, daily tournaments, daily custom quests, lots of events, 24/7 online staff and thousands of custom items.


WoW 3


3. Feenix Server – WoW-One:   

Global Alexa Rating: 74,136

Feenix offers a great community of 30,000 active gamers with over 6,000 playing daily. They have two Vanilla realms (Warsong and Al’Akir) and one Burning Crusade realm (Archangel). Some of their Vanilla realm features include blizzlike raiding scripts, battlegrounds active day and night, blizzlike classic honor system, anti-cheat engine uniquely made for Feenix and 10/20/40 man raids occurring around the clock.  Some of their Burning Crusade realm features include blizzlike TBC arena system, fully functional outdoor PvP, 10/25 man raids occurring around the clock and the fully functional pathfinding system.  The main page includes a very nice FAQ section.


WoW 4


4. Pandashan:   

Global Alexa Rating: 123,764

Pandashan is one of the very few private servers that supports the Mists of Pandaria expansion. The server has a high and continuous population. It also offers decent player support and has very few bugs thanks in part to their bug tracker feature. Even their forum area has nice graphics so you can tell they have a passion for this project. They have a nice shop area with all sorts of offerings including name change, customization, powerlevels, weapons, heirblooms, leather armors, cloth armors, mail armors, mounts and pet species. The main page shows how many players are online and where they are located.


WoW 5


5. OmegaWoW:

Global Alexa Rating: 153,191

OmegaWoW runs the Wrath of The Lich King expansion. They offer loads of PvP and PvE events including exceptional weekend events. They have a solid and high population with stats shown right on the main page. They also have a Facebook page and Facebook events. They are one of few WoW private servers that will allow migration of characters from other servers although they must have an XP rate of 15x XP or less. In some instances they will also allow a whole guild to be migrated.


WoW 6


6. Eternal-WoW:

Global Alexa Rating: 289,539

This server has a marvelous main page full of helpful information such as polls, game stats, recent posts to the Shoutbox, surveys, player requirements and a FAQ section. They have a nice voting feature in that they double rewards for voting during the first three days of every month. They offer six realms – Wrath of the Lich King (Eternal, Redemption, Genesis and Remorse) and Cataclysm (Ruin and Damnation). They have over 3,000 players at peak gaming hours. Their server specifications are outlined in the About Us section.


WoW 7


7. WoWBeeZ:

Global Alexa Rating: 415,176

WoWBEEZ is one of the oldest private servers there is. They offer good support for their community. They currently support all versions except Mists of Pandaria. The server’s population is quite good and they seem very helpful. The server info area has a number of video previews and trailers for the various realms offered each about 2 minutes in length as well as realm rates for each and other information about them. They offer lots of fun events and also have a Facebook page. A nice policy they have is zero tolerance for trolls. They also hold monthly voting points and rewards.


WoW 8


8. Excalibur-WoW:

Global Alexa Rating: 420,928

An interesting feature with Excalibur is their free voice chat through their Mumble server. This server has provided the Burning Crusade realm for 5 years. They do not offer any custom donator items which might bother some players but others may find it as an advantage to balanced play. The server has a 1Gb/s connection and is quite stable. Friendly players and Game Masters always at your service. You can always ask them advice or assistance. Doesn’t have a lot of players all the time but you can see the stats on the main page. The changelog most recent entries are also on the main page.


WoW 9


9. LastWoW:

Global Alexa Rating: 734,010

This server just celebrated their 5th anniversary in July 2013 which is a nice accomplishment. They list their server statistics right on the main page. They are a high-rate Blizzlike private server that strives to be as close to the original game as possible while improving things to make it a bit more interesting. The main page also includes the top five PVP and top five arena teams 2v2, 3v3 and 5v5. LastWoW is one of the most populated private servers running the Burning Crusade expansion. They offer arena seasons and all the Burning Crusade content. They also have a rather complex arena rating structure.


WoW 10


10. WoWTemple:

Global Alexa Rating: 901,141


The server has an instant level 80 system. At this time it supports the WoTLK expansion. The friendly GMs offer tons of in-game events for both PvP and PvE. It is a high population private server that is very often updated. It is an active PvP focused community where everyone can achieve the goals they want. The server owner listens to the needs of the players and works on improving the game constantly – just look at the changelog on the main page to see! The hardware of the server is quite remarkable also. Start by reading through the server news. The main page is not without problems though which may be why it doesn’t get the traffic of other servers.

Take the time to check out each of these WoW private servers and you’ll very likely fine a winner among them that fits your gaming style perfectly. The key elements are having the realms desired, a good amount of other players in the community, limited downtime and lag, great events and prompt, efficient support. It won’t take long to see why WoW is so popular!



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