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UWF Top 75 E-feds

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Welcome to UWF Top 75
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WWE Last Call

WWE Last Call

Come join now! Make a name for yourself and become a champion! This is your last call... don't miss it!

064358 Vote Comments

World Championship League (WCL)

World Championship League (WCL)

One of the greatest E-Feds around. Started up in July 2006, still running strong for a year. Come join in on the revolution!

155521 Vote Comments

Wwe Reborn

A great fed where ur career will begine. Come here!!!!!!!!!

034371 Vote Comments


Come here a very cool efed we accept real and created superstars we make matches everday

023311 Vote Comments

Game Cheats & Game Servers, Quake, Counter Strike, cheats and online servers

Game Cheats & Game Servers, Quake, Counter Strike, cheats and online servers

Game Cheats & Game Servers, Quake, Counter Strike, cheats and online servers, game servers, counter strike servers, quake servers, game, games, play

020317 Vote Comments

World Wrestling Network

Since June 2007 WWN has been running strong. We have great results, awesome graphics and cool members. Check us out yo!

019339 Vote Comments
7Screenshot of UWF v20

UWF v20

05446 Vote Comments


Ever felt like you have Unfound Glory, well guess what, WE can find your glory so join today or be forever left out of glory

04295 Vote Comments

Extreme Hardcore Wrestling

We are a fairly new efed looking for stars and staff..3 shows a week and 1 ppv a month.Please come join us and have a "Extreme"day ( real and non real stars allowed.

03324 Vote Comments
10Screenshot of Extremely Violent Entertainment

Extremely Violent Entertainment

New E-Fed looking for top notch talent.

01357 Vote Comments
10Screenshot of Runescape,Runescape gold,Runescape money

Runescape,Runescape gold,Runescape money

Welcome to the professional RuneScape gold shop to buy your cheap Runescape money,cheap runescape gold,cheap Runescape items in runescape. The Cheapest Runescape gold price,fast delivery and 24/7 online service. All in

01280 Vote Comments

ECW Rescripted

Check out one of the sickest feds in progress, I gaurantee quality shows, great booking and god damn it have some fun! its only make believe if you let it be

01292 Vote Comments

Runescape Help and Tips

A completely complete Runescape website. Offers everything imaginable.

01265 Vote Comments

Championship Wrestling Federation

The CWF first opened it's doors to the public over seven years ago, and is still going strong. With great writing skills of wrestlers and staff alike, the CWF will always be THE name in online wrestling!

00338 Vote Comments

Universal Wrestling Alliance

The newest. e.fed on the block with great oppatiunies for you and a great main show for you with an oppatiuite of second show to come up

00352 Vote Comments
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