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Welcome to Vs System Network
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S.H.I.E.L.D. The Blog Division

Agent 13 and 44 reporting for duty. Here to give our thoughts and insight on Vs. System, Comic books and movies

02499 Vote Comments
27Screenshot of Just grazing

Just grazing

Grazing Cattle's Blog of VS Action. Updated Daily!

01310 Vote Comments

It came from the depths...

a blog about the general interests in my life including Vs.

01280 Vote Comments
27Screenshot of Laughing At The King

Laughing At The King

"In the Land of The Blind, The Night Vision Users Are Laughing at the King" A shiny new Vs Blog which will soon grow to contain a collection of random musings and hopefully a good chunk of well thought out strategy articles.

01504 Vote Comments

Fuzzy Elf

Fuzzy Elf

VS, Comic Books and other ephemera. Come for the teacakes, stay for the jank.

01628 Vote Comments

The Power of VS. Compels you!

A place to focus your obsession over VS. Insanity loves company!

01390 Vote Comments
27Screenshot of WoW-Titans WOTLK Pivate Server 3.3.5a

WoW-Titans WOTLK Pivate Server 3.3.5a

-Patch 3.3.5 Support -150x rates -scripted instances -working tier 10/9/8/7 /season 5/6/7/8(HOT!!!) -working instances(Icecrown Citadel/Trial of the Champion/Trial Of The Crusader) -98% of talents work -98% of quests work -nice Game Masters

01295 Vote Comments
28Screenshot of Guglio's Team Adventure

Guglio's Team Adventure

The place to read all of Guglio's articles on the randomest decks posted at irregular days.

00342 Vote Comments
28Screenshot of Tales from the Cardboard Jungle

Tales from the Cardboard Jungle

Tales from the Cardboard Jungle will feature the exploits and adventures of our hero and his games of VS.

00252 Vote Comments

SSJ Gotenks’ VS System Weblog :)

Just a simple blog from a simple VS player. :) haha

00263 Vote Comments

Omnicresence's VS Ruminations

The casual discussions of a lawyer in the Philippine Archipelago about his favorite card game.

00182 Vote Comments


Paul "TheDerangedBear" Sung's blog. Competitive angle towards VS, personal ranting, and bear huggles!

00109 Vote Comments
28Screenshot of The Vs Gauntlet

The Vs Gauntlet

Deck-testing with a cosmic filling!

00143 Vote Comments
28Screenshot of The blues effect

The blues effect

the site for competitive vs system

00147 Vote Comments

The Red Room

The Red Room has been expecting you, comrade.

0093 Vote Comments
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